Fellowship Meal: June 6, 2021

THERE WILL BE A FELLOWSHIP MEAL FOLLOWING THE SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP ON JUNE 6.  Tentatively, the plan is to have a section of tables available for those who wish to bring their own lunch and remain adequately distanced from others.  There will also be the typical potluck dinner featuring amazing home-cooked cuisine, hopefully with plenty of Biblically-sanctioned meatballs!


  The Session is making plans to return to our original worship schedule starting on the first Sunday in June (June 6).  Worship will begin at 10:45 a.m.
For those who wish or need to maintain distance and caution, there will be a dedicated section behind the piano where worshippers can remain distanced from one another and where wear face coverings will be worn.  Entering and exiting will be through the back entrance of the sanctuary.
Previously, we announced that we would not be having a Fellowship Dinner after worship on Sunday, June 6.  THIS HAS CHANGED.  THERE WILL BE A FELLOWSHIP MEAL FOLLOWING THE SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP ON JUNE 6.  Tentatively, the plan is to have a section of tables available for those who wish to bring their own lunch and remain adequately distanced from others.  There will also be the typical potluck dinner featuring amazing home-cooked cuisine, hopefully with plenty of Biblically-sanctioned meatballs!
As for the Sunday School schedule, our intention is also to begin offering the normal schedule on June 6, but this will ultimately depend upon staffing of the various grade levels and determining certain procedures to be observed.
We appeal to the members of the congregation to consider helping out as teachers, assistants, or backups in one of the following areas for the coming year, especially if you have not done so before:
         Pre-K to 2nd grade;
         Upper Elementary Grades 3-5;
         Middle Grades 6-8; and
         High School. 
Our hope is to begin offering Sunday School as soon as these necessary matters are settled and in place. If enough help out in these important ministries the load can be shared more broadly.
A committee of Elders has been tasked by the Session to coordinate the necessary staffing needs and the logistics of conducting the classes and to bring recommendations to the Session at the next stated meeting of the Session on May 10.  We welcome input and feedback, so if you wish to offer an opinion or a concern, please let the members of this committee know as soon as possible.  The members of this committee are: Pastor Matt, RE Joe Deane, and RE Dan Bredbenner.
Further announcements about more of the specifics involved in the Sunday School ministry will be forthcoming.
We ask the body to be patient and understanding with one another during this transition.  We are trying to anticipate as many scenarios, perspectives, and angles as we can, but likely there may be something overlooked.
Please keep this next phase of congregational life in your prayers as we work toward regaining and restoring the fuller mission of the Church to gather and perfect the saints of God.

To the Congregation on the Occasion of Ordaining & Installing New Elders & Deacons

by Ruling Elder Steve Powell (originally delivered to the congregation at the 9:00 a.m. service on March 7, 2021)

My privilege today is to share some words of encouragement to you the congregation regarding this occasion. And I want to do this in the context of our purpose here at Spriggs Road.

Our purpose as a church is to glorify God by extending the kingdom of Jesus Christ over all individual lives through all areas of society and in all nations and cultures. To accomplish this, we (as a body) seek to work out the essential elements needed in Christian discipleship as they are summarized in acts 2:42. We seek to be continually growing in vital worship, in theological depth, in true fellowship, in bold evangelism and in deeds of compassion. 

Now with this purpose as a backdrop you should be very encouraged that the Lord has provided these men to help lead and coordinate all the supporting ministry activities of this congregation in those key areas. But notice I did not say these men will “do” all the supporting ministry activities for this congregation.  

This is important to understand since ministry is not a “spectator sport.” All of us have a role to play in advancing the people of God toward maturity in Christ and all have been gifted in some way for working collectively toward that goal.  So, in the final analysis, Christian ministry is designed to involve every member. And as leaders we need everyone to join with us in implementing and sustaining the vital ministries.

I want to give you some key words that involve action on your part.   I encourage you to listen and reflect on these words as you consider your relationship with us as elders and deacons and what your supporting role is here at Spriggs Road Presbyterian Church.  I have chosen to use the letters from our church name abbreviation SRPC to highlight those key words.   

The first group of action words begin with S:

Sharpen – Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. In Old Testament times, one iron blade was used to sharpen another blade until both became more effective tools. This is an important relational concept involving mutual accountability and strengthening. So, help us to build relationships that will sharpen all of us.

Support – Consider all the areas of ministry and the array of tasks involved in those areas and think about all the ways you can support the leadership team as well as each other.  And also take some time ask us about opportunities to serve.  We will be glad to give you feedback about opportunities. 

Serve – Think about how you have been gifted and how you might come alongside us in serving the body here. Then make a commitment. Remember, the Lord uses service as a key part of our sanctification process. 

Next are the action words beginning with R:

Reach out – be proactive and engage us, talk to us, text us, email us or whatever works best for you.

Recommend ideas and solutions in support of the ministry. Give us your perspectives and concerns.

Responsibility – take responsibility for being part of the solution.  The deacons always need help in their key ministry areas so be proactive and volunteer.

Next are the action words beginning with P:

Partner and Participate – join with us and many others in supporting our ministry activities.

Pray – please pray for us and our families.  This is so important to us.  We are not supermen.  We need your prayers and we value them.

And finally, are the action words beginning we C:

Connect – connect and communicate with us, not only to give us feedback, but to ask about us, to encourage us, and to share your requests with us.

Comfort and care – We, along with our families, will often need the caring and comforting support of others.  Recent examples.

Quick Summary Take some time to think and reflect on these words.   They are important.

  1. Sharpen
  2. Support
  3. Serve
  4. Reach out
  5. Recommend
  6. Take responsibility
  7. Partner and Participate
  8. Pray
  9. Connect
  10. Comfort and care

And in conclusion – on behalf of the elders and the deacons let me say that we are deeply thankful for all of you and for how you support us.

Congregational Meeting: February 14, 2021

There will be a congregational meeting on Sunday, February 14, 2021, following the second worship service at approximately 12:30 p.m. There will be an option for members to connect to the meeting via Zoom.

The purpose of the meeting is twofold: 1) to proceed to the election of additional Ruling Elders and Deacons; and 2) to act on the recommendation of the Session for the congregation to call Matteson Bowles, currently Assistant Pastor, as Associate Pastor of Spriggs Road Presbyterian Church.

If you have questions, please see one of the elders or Pastor Mang.

Officer Candidates Approved by Session

The following officer candidates were approved by the Session according to BCO 24-1 to stand for election:

Elder candidates – Dan Bredbenner, Ryan Heisey

Deacon candidates – Charlie Kim, Erik Woloszczuk

An election will be announced soon and we will give at least 30 days notice for the upcoming election.  Before then, avail yourselves of the opportunity to ask these men any of your own questions regarding their desire, views, and qualifications to serve in these respective offices of the Lord’s Church.

Important Message about Mailing Tithes

Due to recent security issues impacting church mailboxes we are requesting that all checks be mailed to our new PO box.  The address is:

Spriggs Road Presbyterian Church
PO Box 2614
Woodbridge, VA 22195

This would also include donations made through your bank via Bill Pay. Bill Pay sends out a paper check in the mail.

This does not apply to donations made via Zelle which are electronically transferred to the church’s account.

If you have questions, please contact one of the deacons.

The PO Box is for tithes and offerings only, all other communications can still be mailed to the Church’s address:

13201 Spriggs Road
Manassas. VA 20112.

Important Policy Change Effective September 20, 2020

Effective September, 20, 2020, we have made the following changes to the policies concerning the first service.

Beginning this coming Lord’s Day, September 20, the first service (9:00 a.m.) will be a mask mandatory service.

It means the following will be observed:

1.       Masks must be worn at all times except for when the participants are taking the elements of the Lord’s Supper

2.       The elders leading the service will not wear masks when on the platform but will don them when they step down from the platform

As always we are to remember to practice social distancing as much as is practically possible.

We took these actions, not in reaction or response to any organization outside of the church, but out of a love and concern for those within the church who did not feel comfortable with our current practice.

As always, please remember to use prudence regarding your health. Don’t feel obligated to come to church if you still feel uncomfortable, or, if you are sick, please remain home and take advantage of our live stream.

As always your session longs to hear from you and we are always looking for ways that we can better minister to you all.